How Do You Differentiate Between Cheap Fake Degrees?

Fake degrees are all over the place these days and the air ambiguity is still there. However, due to the high demand for fake degrees, there are several fake degree providers coming up in every possible arena. All that you need to do is browse the internet for fake degree provider and you are already looking for thousands of such providers who are everything but cheap and not even close to genuine. So, let’s keep the moral compass aside and look at the problem at hand.

The problem with the numerous fake degree providers is the lack of authenticity, or rather authentic-feel. This happens majorly due to the lack of experience in printing and other areas. With experienced designers on board, the custom-made degrees take a turn for the better. So, what factors should you notice while getting fake degrees? Here are few of them that might help you.

  • Paper Quality: This is the foremost thing when a degree is considered. The paper quality is something that is visible and has a distinct feel as well. In the first look, it is easy to figure out that the degree is not real. To avoid this, always look for fake degree providers who use the genuine paper. It might cost you a few dollars more than what quote you have received, but the authenticity will be there.
  • Ink: Many people often fail to notice the ink quality as well. Degrees are not printed with your regular ink jet printer, that bleeds when they get wet. The ink used in degrees is specialized ones designed for the very purpose. A degree is going to be with you for the longest time. To ensure the longevity of the degree and the credentials on it, a special ink is used. Go to the provider who assures you about the quality of the ink that is used in the fake degree.
  • Seals/ Embossing: Another part of a genuine degree certificate is the mark of authority and authenticity. The designated college seal and embossments are there to stay forever. That is one way to make sure that the certificate you received is in good condition whenever you need it. While buying a degree online, make sure you have a look at the seal in person to compare properly. Have a look at the minuscule part of the seal as it matters too.

These are some factors to watch out for while getting fake degrees online. There are several cheap fake degree providers who offer a certificate which can’t pass through as a genuine one. This has several repercussions later and it might land you in trouble. It is better to ask for references around and then finalize a fake degree provider. You can check out the aforementioned factors to ensure a genuine looking fake degree.