Poor Results? Fake Transcript Can Help You

A college education is never complete without a fair share of fun. Have you ever met someone who denies this part of college? In case you have met such a person, understand that he hasn’t done college right. Coming back to the topic, having the big long night outs and trips in spring break is a part of the whole package. Under no circumstances, they should be missed. However, at times, the fun goes a little overboard and the results show that blatantly. It is not a good sign and parents will be asking the obvious tough questions. What do you really do in such a situation?

The solution is simple. Fake transcripts will make your parents believe their money isn’t going down the drain. Within the matter of placing a call, you will have a transcript which shows all A’s in place of all F’s. Isn’t this an interesting way out of the questions? In case this is a solution you have been looking at for a long time now, here are some tips that might help you get the perfect fake transcript.

  • Check out the subjects: It is important that the transcripts you are showing at home look as authentic as possible. When your parents have the first look at your transcripts, they will notice your subjects. Hence, it becomes important to check your subjects when you get the fake transcripts. You can make sure everything is in place by comparing it with your fellow students’ transcripts.
  • Don’t just be average: Okay so your grades in school didn’t go to well, but now you have the chance to get any grade you like in that class that kicked your ass, so why move it from a D to a C? Think about it for a minute, there are thousands of students out there with the exact same major as yours, so do you want everyone to think you are just barely above average, or would you rather them thinking, “damn this person really knows there stuff”.
  • Watermarks: Much like the degree certificates, the transcripts also carry genuine watermarks in the center of the paper. This works as a mark of authenticity. In case you are looking at a fake transcript, make sure the symbols are just perfect. Perfect, in this case, means everything starting from the fonts of the motto and the graphics has to be in place.

These are few tips that will help you get the best possible fake transcripts. It will make sure you are safe from the lambasting your parents would have placed on you otherwise. Fake transcripts are good to cover up some mistakes of a certain semester. However, making it a practice might make things worse in the long run. With a little carefulness and smartness, you will go ahead with ease.