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Fake College Transcripts and High School Transcripts

Some times having a fake diploma is just not enough. What happens if you come home from college and you tell your parents you graduate, and show them your diploma...then they ask to see your grades? Or what if it is not graduation time yet, and they just want to know how it is going and ask to see your grades? Dad has just spent thousands helping to give you an education, but you saw it more as a chance to increase your social standing by buying everyone rounds at the local pub. What are you going to do now?

Fake College Transcripts

Don't sweat it, we can help. We now offer the perfect compliment to your fake degree, and that is a customized set of fake college transcripts. Now you can fool your friends and family with a realistic looking high school transcript or fake college transcript, crafted from those issued by many of the top schools. We offer both fake college transcripts and high school transcripts that come complete with all of your personal information as well as the course and credits necessary to meet your specific criteria. Put all that onto an official "document proof" paper (the same paper used by many colleges), and your dad will never be more proud of his child. Now instead of straight F's you have all A's. Congratulations!

At DiplomaMakers.com we specialize in providing customized, authentic looking novelty diplomas and fake transcripts from around the world. These awards will add an air of achievement to any home or office, as they will surely fool your friends. Whether you are looking for a fake college transcript or fake high school transcript, we can produce it for you very efficiently and most importantly, realistically.

Sure there are a lot of companies out there that sell, or at least say they sell fake transcripts, but how many of them do you know will actually deliver the good. If you take a look at the FOX News video that can be found on site, you will see there the investigative reporter our of Florida order a set of fake college transcripts from us and reviewed the entire process from the ordering of the Fake transcript, up to the point where he took the fake college transcripts to the Dean at the actual school, and everyone was amazed at how real they fake transcripts did look. If you have not seen the video yet, click on the little “See Us In The News” icon in the upper right hand corner, and you will be able to see the video yourself.

Fake College Transcripts

We don’t however just make fake college transcripts, as we can make fake high school transcripts as well. Regardless of the Fake transcript you are looking for, we are here to help. Just shoot us an email to send a picture of the transcript you need replicated to customize@diplomamakers.com and our custom designer will be happy to review the pictures you send to him and let you know if we may be able to help. Two things to know however before you pull out the camera and start shooting pictures, are as follows. The most important thing is that the pictures are straight on with nothing cut off. So many times we receive pictures of transcripts that are all skewed and we cannot work with those. If you are going to take a picture it is important that the picture is straight on and fills each corner of the screen, as straight and square as it can be, so that the picture of the transcripts, fill the screen. Of course a scan is always best.

Authentic looking Fake Transcripts

The other issue is to make sure you send us a picture or scan of both the back and the front of the transcript. Once we have good clear scans of what the transcripts should look like, we will have our designer review everything to see how we may be able to help, and will respond back within 24 hours or less, and let you know how we can help you with creating your fake transcripts.

The other thing to know about DiplomaMakers is that we don’t just put any courses down on your transcript, rather we will find a list of specific courses that are required for your specific major, and incorporate those course details into your fake transcript. Rest good knowing that we will find courses related to each major, or if you perhaps have a specific list of courses and know what you want your grade to be, you can list all of that on our order from and we put the course details into your specific transcripts.

DiplomaMakers.com - Your source for great looking fake college transcript and fake high school transcript.

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