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Fake Diploma Maker

Welcome to Diploma Makers

Fake Diploma Maker For unmatched high-quality fake diplomas, degrees and transcripts, Diploma Makers has exactly what you’re looking for. With an experienced staff and appreciation for authenticity, each diploma and transcript is designed as close to genuine as we are allowed. Now you can bring that sense of accomplishment and ambition to your home or office with a realistic novelty diploma or transcript.Fake Diploma Maker

This truly professional look is achieved by fusing the gold foil seals directly onto diploma-quality paper. We also add embossed, raised seals to ensure an authentic look and feel – included with every order! Choose from display options like framing or attractive leather portfolios. Get the exact look you want to proudly present your replica with confidence, for all to see. At Diploma Makers, we make sure your fake diploma is as personal as it can get. With all the elements in the right place and a mark of perfection, you are all set to go with a fake diploma in hand.


Quality Diplomas Custom Made for you

Diploma Makers is not a diploma or degree mill, but rather an experienced team specializing in creating realistic replicas for those who want to obtain a degree at home. Many clients utilize our services to replace lost or tarnished diplomas that they once had. We are the premier diploma replacement service and provide top-notch custom creations from thousands of schools from around the world.

Choose from college or high school diplomas and transcripts, or get a custom made GED diploma. Some clients even choose to create diplomas to showcase work experience with a life experience degree or even commemorate personal achievements and milestones. Whatever your reason or needs, we have a custom solution that is right for you. We can make a high-quality near-genuine fake degree for you from our existing templates or you can send us a copy of your desired template. So contact us today and let our team help you create the perfect custom document for your needs.

Fake Diploma Maker

Why Choose Us For Your Custom Replication?

Diploma Makers is the oldest and most trusted fake diploma, fake degrees and fake transcripts maker on the internet. We have been around creating fake degrees since 1999 and opened Diploma Makers to help assist those looking for a fake diploma or fake transcripts in 2001.

Whether it is just having that fake degree hanging on your wall to fool your friends, or you need fake transcripts to get your parent off your back, we are here to help you. We have created over 100,000 fake degrees and know exactly what we are doing. Feel free to give us a call at any time to discuss your fake diploma or fake transcripts and we will be happy to answer all your questions or walk you through the order process. Just keep in mind that fake degrees are only part of what we do and if you need fake transcripts we can create those as well. We will let you supply the course details and grades, or if you don’t know them, we will be happy to put the list together for you. Overall, whatever may be the needs; you can rest assured that you don’t need to look any further.

Many times people just need a replica or fake diploma because they have multiple offices or want to have one to keep at home, so if that is you and you need a secondary fake diploma, please let us know. You can either pick from our designs or email a sample of the one you have to customize@diplomamakers.com, and we will be more than happy to help you out with any of your fake degrees.

To some, it may seem odd to purchase a fake diploma or have the need for fake transcripts but it is much more normal than you think. In fact, you might be surprised if you knew how many people call each day looking for fake degrees. We realized that a lot of these people are not just purchasing the fake degrees or fake transcripts to fool their friends, but a lot of these people simply are looking for a fake diploma to hang on their wall. It helps them feel a little better about the years they put into college but maybe were not quite able to finish and obtain their degree for some reason or another. Quit beating yourself up over not finishing, pick up the phone and call us. We will be happy to put together a set of fake transcripts and a real looking fake diploma, so you can now realize your time is worth something. We are Diploma Makers, where fake degrees make dreams come true.

What People Think About Our Fake Diplomas?

We do not condone the use of our novelty products in misrepresenting yourself to an employer. Rather, this video simply goes to answer the timeless question of, "How do I know you are for real?” Yes, people have this question and we are glad that they want to put in some research before spending their hard earned money on us.

We have heard from a number of customers that have asked if we could give them references from some of our previous customers. Sure, we would be happy to provide such references but how would you know if there were any unsatisfied customers? The key to our work process is transparency and keeping it real has always been the prime focus.

We know there are a lot of sites out there that say they are good and do the best work around, but how do you really know who to trust and give your hard earned business to?

You can put your trust into one of those sites that post the letters from their customers, but how do you know they are showing you all of the letters they are getting? How about the bad letters? Or are these even real letters at all?

We won't waste your time posting so-called testimonial letters; rather we will let you read for yourself what our customers are saying. Not just the good comments, but the bad ones too. That is if there are any.

One of our recent customers told us they had posted a review about our company on a message board called "Underground Chatter". After reading through the site, we figured there would be no better place to help our customers sort through the information to find out who is good and who is not.

If you need some help deciding which company to use, or you just have a question about who does the best work, check out undergroundchatter.com. We know you will read many nice things about us, but we also know, if we don't make you a happy customer, much more will read otherwise. We, at Diploma Makers, understand that our customers work hard for every penny and our fake diplomas are just a method for the much-needed gratification.


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