How to Get Genuine Looking Fake Degrees and Transcripts?

Losing out in job interviews for not being able to find your college degree Struggling with your promotions for low grades in your transcripts? Forget about all these worries; it’s time you should get a fake degree and transcript. There is nothing wrong in obtaining fake certifications, as many individuals buy fake degrees online.

Whether you have lost your degree or scored low grades in your college, you can mend your career goals by obtaining a fake degree. Basically, a fake degree is a replica of original degree. From layout to font styles, coloring to information, every aspect of fake degree is similar to those of original college degrees.

Buy Fake College Degree Online

At Diploma Makers, we offer wide varieties of fake degrees online. You can choose your desired template or layout of fake degrees, and can request a genuine looking degree accordingly. If you don’t find a template as per your college/university degree in our store, we recommend you to submit us a photocopy of your original college degree.

Our team of experienced graphics designers will scan the photocopy and will initiate the development of your fake degree. At present, we offer different types of fake degrees online – high school degrees, associate degrees, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, J.D degree, and more. No matter, which type of degree you want and from which college/university, at Diploma Makers, we assure you the delivery without any miss.

What If The Fake Degree Is Not Looking Genuine?

Once the degree is designed, you will receive a free preview of the fake degree prior to shipping. Here, you can review the layout and information printed on the degree. If you need any changes in the draft, feel free to share it with our designers. Our team will consider your feedback and let you know if it is something we can do.

To make the fake degrees look genuine, we use real embossed gold foil seals (not gold ink). Also, we use high grade 60 lb parchment paper with appropriate color and shading to make the fake degrees look like originals. Our graphic designers are well-versed in designing different types of fake degrees, and can manage any type of customizations. Our fake degree and transcripts come in three basic sizes – 11” * 8.5”, 14” * 11”, and 10” * 8”. If your submitted copy has unique measurements, our designers will customize the size of the degree or certificate accordingly.

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Visit our online store here and select the desired degree you want to purchase. Submit all the necessary information related to degree, and place the order online. If you are in a rush, we can have your design completed as quick as 24 hours.

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