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Fake College Transcripts

If you are tired of hearing from your parents that your college grades are not good enough, we can help. What you need is a set of fake college transcripts. We can create a new set of transcripts for you with the courses and GPA that will make you look as smart as you want to be. Just tell us what school you want your fake college transcripts from and what your major and GPA should be and we will go to work create a customized set of transcripts for you, that even the experts have a hard time telling the difference.

Watch this shocking news video created by an investigative reporter for FOX News https://youtu.be/lBWhPFEpWMU. The thing you will see is that he orders his fake college transcripts from DiplomaMakers.com and a week later gets them delivered to him by UPS. He then takes these transcripts to the college and shows them to the Vice President of Academic Affairs who is absolutely amazed at how real and authentic these fake college transcripts look.

We offer a large list of thousands of different schools that we can create these transcripts from, and if by chance you don't see the school you are looking for, send us an email and we will be happy to look into them. Our list of fake transcripts is growing every month so there is a good chance we can help you with your needs.

We create fake transcripts for college, universities, trade schools, community colleges and even high schools. No matter of the type of fake transcript you are looking for, we can help you. If you have a picture of the transcripts you are looking for, send an email to customize@diplomamakers.com and our staff will be happy to review them and let you know if this is something we can help with. Just keep in mind that if you want us to create a set of fake transcripts for you, then that means the better picture or scan you can provide, the more your fake college transcripts will end up looking just like a real college transcript.

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